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The Brandenburg State Stud – A Sanssouci for the horses

Gestüt Eingang

The Brandenburg State Stud in Neustadt (Dosse) is one of the biggest in Europe and it forms a centre of sustainable rural development with regional and national impact. The cultural and historical heritage of the stud buildings, erected during the reign of Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm II in 1788, as well as the high reputation of the stud for horse breeding provide an excellent combination for this.

More than horse breeding – Besides the important impact of breeding, special attention is paid to the performance tests offered for sport horse and pony stallions and mares, preservation of the cultural and historical heritage and tradition and of course preservation of the historic buildings and yards. In addition to horse breeding, activities include the education in the FN-approved riding school, a Riding College offered together with the Neustadt Secondary School, where riding is part of the school curriculum, and tourism as the most important support for rural development.

Located on 400 hectares of pastures, fields and lots of tree-lined avenues with two historic yards (Hauptgestüt and Landgestüt) the stud offers excellent breeding facilities. Horse breeding and the training of the horses have always received a lot of support by the State Government.